Over 40 years’ experience within the interpretational signage market. We are renowned for the production of waterproof, vandal resistant panels and fascia's for outdoor environments.

Pryorsign is a digital technology-based manufacturer, with over 40 years of experience in sign manufacturing. Pryorsign has an unrivalled reputation for combining the very best of traditional values and craftsmanship with digital print technology to produce high-quality signage for a variety of heritage locations, leisure areas, monuments and sites of special scientific interest.


Specialising in the manufacture of Duralite, this highly robust material has been specified throughout the UK for use in urban, rural and coastal locations. Utilising a specialist process, full colour digital artwork is embedded within a fibreglass compound to create a weather and vandal resistant sign.

UV inhibitors and optical brighteners contained within the surface of the Duralite keep the embedded images looking sharp and vibrant and all of Pryorsigns Duralite products are guaranteed for 10 years. This robust, durable and easy to clean material can be displayed in a variety of different methods: mounted into a carrier panel it can be fastened to a lectern, wall or post fixed or even fitted into its surrounding environment.

Duralite Banking Solutions

Pryorsign are one of the largest manufacturers of GRP/fibreglass ATM and cashpoint surrounds in the UK. For over 40 years Pryorsign have supplied the banking and finance industry with a variety of different surrounds. From high street branches, petrol forecourts, and supermarkets; the chances are at some point most people will have stood in front of a Pryorsign produced ATM surround to withdraw cash or check a balance.

We have the specialist skills and experience to produce surrounds to fit around all current commercial cash dispensing systems. We can supply surrounds with internal LED illumination as well as a host of different security features and as with all Pryorsign products the vandal resistance offered by GRP far outstrips that of many of our competitors.

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