Duralite is a UV protected, vandal resistant, glass reinforced weatherproof signage product.

Duralite has been specified for over 40 years throughout the British Isles for use in rural, urban and coastal locations such as nature reserves, leisure areas, ancient buildings, monuments and sites of special scientific interest.

A specialist process, where your full colour artwork is embedded in a fibreglass compound to create an amazing UV fade resistant panel that is durable, strong easy to clean and capable of withstanding outdoor conditions for more than ten years. From concept/design through to installation, with recent innovations that include Braille and Tactile features.

Duralite is also the preferred signage material for all commercial, retail, industrial and public premises. Used widely on the high street, in petrol stations, on heritage sites, in parks, schools, hospitals, factories and on construction sites.
We are currently in the process of creating further informative content about the Duralite process for this section.

Please feel free to call us on: 01709 700 408 for a free brochure on this specialist product, that includes client works of various Interpretation signage and how Duralite can be used for your up and coming projects.

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