Building ID

Every element of external signage, whether wayfinding, corporate or identification plays an important role in helping project your brand or move people through your built estate as efficiently as possible.

We have the capability with our sign range to replicate externally, the systems you have used inside your buildings. This creates consistency and uniformity to your signage and greatly improves your visitors' experience.

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Cut out letters & logos

3D built up illuminated letters and trays provide a highly visible identity for any organisation or corporation. Allsigns design, manufacture and install all types of internal and external cut out letters. All of our sign letters are manufactured to the highest standard using CNC technologies.

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Tray signs

A three-dimensional wall mounted tray sign with a return edge can often give a much more finished look than just a flat plate can achieve. Fabricated from aluminium or composite materials such as dibond we have the manufacturing capabilities to produce tray signs in a wide range of sizes and styles. These trays can be sprayed or powder-coated to your corporate colours and finished with direct print, digital graphics or cut out letters.

Where larger signs are required, we use a flexface system to reduce weight and save costs on fabrication and installation.

Flex face signage

Flex face signs are especially suited to large, external locations. They are often used for large retail park signage, where they are more resilient against high winds and harsh weather and are much lighter than traditional aluminium trays. The face of the sign is a tensioned, flexible PVC material.

This forms the face of the sign whilst the framing is constructed from lightweight aluminium. The framing can be powder coated to any RAL colour and the faces can be up to 5 metres in length. They are also available as illuminated units with internal LED lighting.


Paneltex is highly flexible system for interiors and exteriors with an ingenious design that makes it both robust and easy to assemble. Suspended, pole, wall and projected applications are possible. Constructed from durable, aluchrome-dipped and powder coated 1.6mm aluminium.

Paneltex wing

Paneltexwing is a very elegant, streamlined, freestanding monolith. Its single wing version can also be projected or suspended as well as freestanding.

Fristem outdoor

Fristem outdoor is one of the largest scale sign systems of its kind on the market. It can be used to display rigid aluminium composite boards or banners, or a mix of the two, up to a height of 5.3m. The unique holding ring enables panels to be arranged at a variety of angles creating many different display configurations.


Acrylic sheet is available in a gloss or matt (frosted) finish in a wide range of colours. It has excellent heat, UV and chemical resistance and can be shaped or cut into a variety of different forms. Acrylic sheet is an ideal medium for digital printing and can be mounted using chrome locators to form an attractive display panel.

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