Modular Sign Systems

The MSS system provide stylish and contemporary modular sign systems well suited to a variety of internal wayfinding requirements.

Constructed of lightweight, extruded aluminium profiles, the unique dovetailing on the rear of the profile allow the double-sided panels to slide together forming a complete unit. This allows for individual sign profiles to be replaced or updated by simply removing the hidden locking strip and sliding them out.

As this system requires no back plate the edge profile will only be 6mm thick, again adding to its sleek, minimalist look. Sign units can be therefore be single or double-sided without affecting the width.

MSS is a highly secure system. The security locking strip used to secure the unit is located within the profile of the sign unit itself, rendering it virtually tamper-resistant.

The MSS profile offers a variety of fixing options including door and wall mounting, suspended, projecting, desk mounted and free-standing. Acrylic wallets to display additional information can also be added, as well as Braille and Tactile text for DDA compliance.

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